The Simpson's Bus Driver Recorded Death's Scream Bloody Gore. Sorta


So, this is one of those very rare posts in English, since I have a feeling some people might find this interesting. I was watching the excellent Death (Official) documentary DEATH by MetaL, and happened on something of a nice trivia fact. As Chris Reifert tells it, after being signed by Combat Records the band was given freedom to choose their own recording studio, going for a small producer/space in Florida. That session was eventually rejected, since it wasn't up to par, eventually leading the band to record Scream Bloody Gore in LA with the great Randy Burns.

However, what makes that first rejected session interesting is the identify of the producer/sound engineer, a person by the name of Otto Mann who is, as you can see from a screenshot I took from the doc, a self proclaimed "Sound Engineer/Bus Driver." Now, that got me to thinking: Do I know of another metalhead/bus driver with the very unlikely name of Otto Mann? Why of course I do, the somewhat burnt out and happy-go-lucky Otto Mann that drives the The Simpsons everyday to school (see 2nd screenshot from his Wikipedia page).

Otto's Wikipedia page (the Simpson one) does state that the visuals of the character were influenced by one-time writer Wallace Wolodarsky. However it seems not that far-fetched to same that the name of occupation of that dude from the Simpsons was taken from a quite obscure reference in the history of Florida death metal.