The War Inside My Head: Track Premiere with Siberian Black Metal Project Isgherurd Morth

It's my distinct pleasure to present another track premiere, this time with the brand-new Siberian black metal project Isgherurd Morth that features some veteran names: Peter G. Shallmin (Kamlath / Escapethecult / Stench Price), Max Konstantinov (Heavenwithus / Stench Price / Kamlath) and former Necrophagist and current Sadist drummer Romain Goulon. Their debut album Hellrduk is due out via the fantastic Repose Records next month and there's reason to believe it'll attract many of those out there who enjoy black metal that straddles the borders of traditional, atmospheric, and melodic variants of the genre. The track featured here, "Kultth Tormentr," is a great example, bringing together that harsh-yet-melodic sound so associated with Russian black metal of recent years along with an atmosphere and pace that bring enough variety to the attack to make it something that much more intersting. 

So given all those words I just spilled all over my browser I'm more than happy to share both this remarkable track as well as a short interview with Peter, found below after the "jump," part of our The War Inside My Head interview series, where I talk with some of the most exciting, forward-thinking contemporary extreme artists and try to get at their sources of inspiration and influence. 

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What was the first album you bought with your own money, and where did you buy it?

Accept – Breaker and Balls To The Wall on cassette. Still kicks serious ass. When I was very young, music came at the level of intuition. Music, especially heavy music, appeared very rarely in our 90s lives in ex-USSR and the albums that I managed to buy were not original vinyls or even discs, just copies of re-recorded cassettes passed from one hand to another. I remembered every fill, studied every single minute, tried to repeat by ear (guitar/drums airplay!). Specially sat in front of the tape recorder and listened numerous times. it was an amazing and exciting moments, I'd say it was a time when every new band, new album you've became an event that touched the heart.

What 2-3 albums did you hear the most growing up?

Metallica –  Master Of Puppets. The first album in my life that completely altered my mind

Death – Spiritual HealingThe heaviest masterpiece I heard being a 14-old boy, from the very first seconds of "Living Monstrosity."

Voivod – Dimension Hatröss. One of my favorite metal bands of all time.

Those albums pretty much formed  y personality, not only as a musician and producer, generated my musical taste, gave an impetus and raised the bar for further inner development, and made me feel strong enough to shed borders and restrictions. They became those turning roads, after which I became another person, a person who knows what he wants to achieve.

What two albums taught you the most about making music (mixing, production, performance)?

These two albums I'd say taught me a lot:

Cynic – Focus. Unattainable art.

Atrocity – Todessehnsucht. One of the most innovative technical death albums of the 90s.

All throughout my life I had absolutely no interest in playing music composed by other bands or artists. It was always about the expression of my personal ideas, thoughts and emotions. My musical vision is also deeply cemented and influenced by bossa nova, samba, funk, soul, disco and house music. I’m a bit outdated because my taste was formed in the early 90s and it’s been there forever. I was kinda lucky for a Siberian guy who has worked with more than 80 international artists from all over the world in wide range of styles from house and cool electronics to grind core and prog. And continues to work – my other bands include members from all over the world and include Kamlath, Escapethecult, Stench Price and now Isgherurd Morth.

What is the last album that absolutely shocked you?

Primus – Frizzle Fry. My jaw was dropped when I’ve heard it… This was exactly what I wanted to play some day but through my own angle. A truly unique band I sincere love. I've always dreamt to play with Tim Alexander someday, which eventually happened with Escapethecult, something that I am immensely proud about.

What album relaxes you or centers you the most?

Alice in Chains – Jar of Flies and Screaming Trees – Sweet Oblivion. 

I would note that these albums especially that Alice in Chains' masterpieces  fill my time, space of soul and mood very often. This music accompanies me constantly from the moment of my first listening to it.

What are the 2-3 albums you’ve listened to the most recently?

Bathory Twilight Of The Gods. Quorthon is a huge influence on me. It's such an inspiration on many levels I can't express. Epic. Classic. Forever.

Terrorizer – World Downfall. Sometimes I just need to smash a face. Always in my car's playlist. Grindcore perfection!

The Foreshadowing – The full discography.  My eternal love and admiration. Moreover, I'm happy that I know the members of this phenomenal Italian band personally, and I have been friends with vocalist Marco Benevento for many years whom I called "my Siberian Brother," in addition, he is the vocalist of my band Kamlath. I sincerely bow to his great talent as a composer, musician and vocalist. I consider him one of the most talented and sincere people whom I met on my creative and life path.

What album is grossly underrated?

Righteous Pigs – Stress Related.  I'd call it the quintessence of Mitch Harris' best riffs, furious energy and standout (lyrically and vocally) expression from Joe Caper, who opened the door for better followers in death and grindcore. Very much looking forward to working with Joe in my next project, by the way.

What album would you recommend from your local scene?

Really proud of Heaven with Us, the a band of my longtime "partner in crime" Max Konstantinov. This is a truly hardworking band, endlessly touring all over Siberia. You want a massive and uncompromising Siberian Metal? Check their debut – Cold Of Freedom.