The War Inside My Head: Track Premiere and Interview with Krvvla

Well, technically it's 2022, so let's get this twisted show back on the road. And what better way to get back on said road than to introduce some exciting, expansive new music? Thus we return with the The War Inside My Head interview series and we're overjoyed to both present this new interview with Belarusian dissonant death/black project Krvvla. Not only that, we're also excited to share an exclusive premiere of a track off of their excellent debut, X, due via the magnificent Brucia Records early next month. If you're into that wide spectrum of dissonance that includes anything from Succumb and Cloud Rat on the hardcore side to Deathspell Omega, Ad Nauseum, and Ulcerate on the extreme side then I suggest you tidy your little hat and press play on this beast.

While you regale yourself with waves of dissonant fury, however, please feel free to partake in the interview below, in which band members share their (excellent) musical tastes and inspirations.

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 What was the first album you bought with your own money, and where did you buy it?

A.D.: Дельфин – Ткани. Bought it in a local music store 20 years ago; It’s still there:  

A.G.: 50 Cent – Bulletproof. Bought it 15 years ago at the same place A.D. mentioned. Back then, guys my age were really into all sorts of gangsta video games with gangsta soundtracks, and this album is one of those.

D.B.: Must be Reka – I. Still have it. Bought it in Minsk off of some guy from a local distro. I don’t even remember what that distro was called. And if I remember correctly, we met up at one of the metro stations. Actually, bought two CDs on that day, the other one was an album of some French screamo band, if I’m not mistaken, but I must’ve given it away at some point, as I no longer have it.

V.Sh.: I think that was a tape cassette of a Russian rap-core band Кирпичи – Кирпичи Тяжелы. Bought at a small music store not far from Minsk city center, I believe that was in '99-2000.

What 2-3 albums did you hear the most growing up?

A.D.: NOFX – War on Errorism; ConvergeYou Fail Me; Boards Of Canada – Geogaddi.

A.G.: Tool – Lateralus; Mastodon – Crack the Skye; Deftones – Diamond Eyes. These albums are like living creatures: they breathe and evolve not only within each of their tracks but also throughout their entirety. This is probably why I’ve listened to them more than a hundred times each, and even though I know every riff and every rhythmic pattern, I still find them interesting to listen to.

D.B.: I don’t quite remember if my parents listened to anything specific. I think my mom didn’t and still doesn’t like music that much. My dad probably listened to Igor Talkov. And if we’re talking about me, then it depends on the stage of my life, haha. Because the list of artists/bands I listened to goes from Britney Spears to Linkin Park, Sum41, Pain, Lacrimosa, P.O.D. with some indie rock bands like Air Traffic and OK Go sprinkled in between. But the ones that I definitely remember listening to on repeat in my teenage years are Linkin Park – Meteora; Lostprophets – The Fake Sound of Progress; and Avril Lavigne – Under My Skin.

V.Sh.: I started listening to music actively when I was 13-15 y.o. and was mostly  interested in DIY punk/hardcore and related genres. First records that came to my mind are Bramborak – Scream; When My Authorities Fall – S/T; Unconform – In Search for Happiness.

What two albums taught you the most about making music (mixing, production, performance)?

A.G.: GorgutsColored Sands. This album never ceases to inspire me. Both from the standpoint of writing music and performing it as well as mixing/mastering.

D.B.: Two is definitely too low of a number to answer this question. I think any album that made me want to figure out what was going on in it riff-wise taught me a lot. I’ll probably go with Deathspell Omega’s Paracletus, as this is the first album of DSO that I listened to. And maybe Sacred White Noise by Thantifaxath.

V.Sh.: My Top 1 metal record is Artificial BrainInfrared Horizon. Second record is Sunless – Urraca. Like the energy in these records and clarity of instruments in the mix [Read our Albums of the Decade interview with AB about Infrared Horizon here].

What is the last album that absolutely shocked you?

A.D.: Karma Pema Dorie – Walking In The Mountains Of Tibet.

A.G.: Stare Into Death And Be Still by Ulcerate. I haven’t heard anything like this album before, even the previous Ulcerate releases can’t be compared to it. The guitars, the bass, and the vocals complement the drums, which are the central and the main instrument on the album. And the drum parts are so incredibly intricate! On top of that, the atmosphere is extremely dark—even doom-like—and it swallows you whole. This is one of those albums that I can listen to on repeat. I’m sure I’ve given it more than 50 spins since I was released, and it still gets me.

D.B.: Ad Nauseam – Imperative Imperceptible Impulse. I’ve listened to this album a hell of a lot of times, and I’m still as impressed by it as I was when I first heard it. I can’t even fathom the amount of work that was done to put out such a masterpiece.

V.Sh.: Viraemia – Viraemia. I was shocked that it’s possible for humans to play that fast

What album relaxes you or centers you the most?

A.D.: Lustmord – The Word as Power; Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper.

A.G.: Neurosis and Jarboe collab. I wouldn’t say that it necessarily relaxes me, but it sure puts me in a trance-like state. Once the album ends, I feel like my mind has cleared up, as if I’ve just meditated, or had a session with a shaman, or attended a church service.

D.B.: WordclockSelf Destruction Themes. Honestly, I’m not even that sure if it relaxes or centers me that much. This album just evokes a wide range of emotions and has a special place in my heart.

V.Sh.: Robert Rich – Offering to the Morning Fog.

 What are the 2-3 albums you’ve listened to the most recently?

A.D.: King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardL.W.; AutechreNTS Sessions; LowriderRefractions.

A.G.: tricot上出来. Light, airy music, very diverse and melodic. You can either play it in the background or listen to it carefully, paying close attention to all details.

Ad Nauseam – Imperative Imperceptible Impulse.This one’s the exact opposite of the previously mentioned album. I can compare it to sleep paralysis: you can neither ignore nor overcome it; all you can do is just give in and live through it.

UstalostBefore the Glinting Spell Unvests – This album has an incredible, fairytale-ish atmosphere. The way it sounds, its melodies, and song structures make me nostalgic.

D.B.: Ghost BathSelf Loather; ALTARAGE – Succumb; Skáphe – Skáphe. And, surprisingly (at least to me), our upcoming album.

V.Sh.: CynicAscension Codes; Mogwai – As The Love Continues; Dubsahara – Geonosis.

What album is grossly underrated?

A.D.: SuruchaiHeavy Mask.

A.G.: White LungDeep Fantasy. The energy this album contains would be enough to power a little town. After listening to it, I immediately want to do everything I’ve planned for the upcoming week.

D.B.: Deathspell OmegaThe Synarchy of Molten BonesAmnutsebaEmanatism.

V.Sh.: I have no answer.

What album would you recommend from your local scene?

A.D.: Contra La Contra – Any Words About Politics; Molchat Doma – Etazhi.

A.G.: Zhmach – Euphoria Never Leaves. Raw black metal and dungeon synth. This mix of genres seems so natural, but for some reason, it was only recently that it started to take off. Unlike all other albums in this genre, the tracks on this release are pretty short, they evolve and change their shape just like in a kaleidoscope. But trust me, they have a lot to offer. Can’t wait for the second album, which will be released next year.

D.B.: I second Zhmach. Also, Immersion by Irreversible Mechanism. I remember that after it got released, I had it on repeat for at least a couple of days.

V.Sh.: Let it be Serial Urbicide by Extermination Dismemberment.