Track Premiere: Succumb to the Death Metal Avalanche of Nothingness

My torrid love affair with Minnesota death metal geniuses Nothingness began one fine day in September of 2019, when I ran into their incredible debut The Hollow Gaze of Death. I was blown away, ran to the Facebooks to write about it, and now that I revisited that post I'm sad since it has a comment by dear Drew Hays, who passed last year. But, personal tragedy aside, Nothingness is everything you want in your death metal: dumb, brilliant, sloppy, tight, and so evil sounding it makes you want to eat cake. From a wider perspective, they are an integral part of one of the great contemporary metal scenes, that includes sister, cousin, and mother-lovin' bands like Aberration, Tvær, Suffering Hour, Void Rot and others. 

So, when I and my grey Nothingness logo t shirt heard that a new album was on the way, and that it was going to be released by death metal luminaries Everlasting Spew I just about died. However, I returned from the dead in order to introduce this newest single from their upcoming second album, Supraliminal, the magnificent "Inviolate Viscera." Dissonant, purposeful, weird, dramatic, and fucking awesome, the track actualizes on all that was and is great about the band, only even tighter. Nothingness are back, baby, and they're meaner than ever. Listen to "Inviolate Viscera" below.

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Nothingness - Photo