Track Premiere: Witness the Delicate Majesty of Neo-Folk/Goth Project IJdelheid

Readers of this fine mess of a blog will undoubtedly have encountered my love and admiration for Dutch avant-garde black metal trailblazers Grey Aura. Other than releasing last year's AOTY (you can read our interview with the band about that album here), they represent one of those rare moments of honest, real artistic expression and curiosity. Given all that love, then, it was a real honor to be able to host the newest track from the debut album by IJdelheid, the brain/soul child of Grey Aura frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruben Wijlacker. The album will be out via the wonderful Onism Productions next month, and so be sure to pre-order everything here.

But while Grey Aura rattles inside the wide inventory that is black metal, IJdelheid is a heartfelt exploration of a wide array of melancholy sounds – from neo-folk, goth, world music, post-rock, and classical. Producing, I guess, a sound that could possibly be described as Enya's gothy black metal-listening sister.


Wildly beautiful, mesmerizing, and impeccably put together Wijlacker's IJdelheid would fit right into the musical canon of those invested in anything from 80s post-punk, Tom Waits, Rope Sect, Depeche Mode, or Nick Cave to the aforementioned Enya (Enya rules, btw). And speaking of Rope Sect, the track featured here, the brilliant "The Onset of Grand Decay," really works into those gothic-yet-poppy sounds that make that project so compelling. Check it out below.

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