Album Premiere: France's Peine Kapital unleash abrasive sludge doom metal

Very excited to be able to deliver some fresh, painful sounds on all you wonderful music-receptors known as human beings. And this time it's going to be harsh: the new EP from French sludge/doom outfit Peine Kapital, Infraordo, due out later this week via the mighty Sludgelord Records. Moving like a pyroclastic cloud of nasty riffs, sparse drumming, and anguished vocals, this Strasbourg trio dishes out some slow-moving, violently driving sludge that brings to mind bands such as Grief and Thou. But as abrasive and toxic as things get (and they get pretty abrasive and toxic) Peine Kapital have a very clever ear for, dare I say, melody and dynamics, making these tracks a cut above. A really engrossing, captivating listen.

Really fantastic stuff, and I very much hope you to enjoy it. Listen to it after the "jump" (jump = the album cover).

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Go ahead and order your tape at Sludgelord. Here is a pretty picture of some tapes.

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