Track Premiere: Let the Cosmos and Megalith Levitation Engulf Your Soul

As far back as I can remember, I don't think I have ever premiered or featured a band that would fall under the general heading of "psych doom" or "stoner." Mostly, well, because I don't like most of what comes out under those headings. I think that's a pretty good reason. What I do like, however, is Megalith Levitation. I first mentioned this Russian band of cosmic trippers when they released their debut, Acid Doom Rites back in late 2019. It was spacey, it was slow, but it felt like it had a real human soul and a real sense of direction and purpose. So, it's only fitting that the non-stoner-having streak (of which I wasn't really actively aware) is done with this exclusive premiere of a new single off of the upcoming – and absolutely stunning – new album from Megalith Levitation, Obscure Fireout later this month via Addicted.

And the track in question, "Of Silence," probably my favorite on the entire album, is basically a micro cosmos that holds a lot of the things that make Megalith Levitation great. I say "micro" cautiously because it is, after all, over 10 minutes long. But that's kind of the thing, with all the variety it feels much shorter than that, and sidesteps much of what can sometimes make stoner into a very tedious experience. There are hints of black metal at times, sludge, doom, and an almost Saturnalia Temple-like ability to lull your listener into a trance while never letting go of the riff, or of the engine that drives the cloud of slow-churning metal forward.

Definitely one of the best doom-adjacent releases thus far this year, and a must-listen to anyone with a psych tooth – from Waste of Space Orchestra freaks to Saturnalia Temple maniacs. Check out the track after the jump, and keep safe.

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